Your entry for a remix competition or contest was taken down for copyright infringement

There are a couple of reasons why your remix entry may have been removed from SoundCloud.

The competition or contest was not based on SoundCloud

The first reason that your track was removed could be that the competition was not being run on the SoundCloud Platform. If that’s the case, then you wouldn’t necessarily have the right to upload your remix to SoundCloud if the organizers of the competition has not acquired the correct permissions for that purpose.

The competition or contest has finished

It’s possible that the rules of the competition state that entries must be removed from accounts once a competition finishes. So, if you didn’t remove your remix in time, it may have been reported for copyright infringement.

Always be sure to read the rules of the contest before you submit your entry, and bear in mind that SoundCloud does not run any remix competitions on SoundCloud platform - we don’t make the rules!

The competition or contest is based on SoundCloud, and it hasn't finished yet. What do I do?

If you are able to provide proof that you do have permission from the competition/contest to publish their material in your remix on SoundCloud, our Copyright Team is happy to manually review these permissions and reinstate the track onto your profile. Please sign into your account and fill out the disputes form here.

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