Playlist isn't loading properly

If your playlist isn’t loading, please check to see how many tracks it has in it. We recommend having a maximum of 250 tracks in a playlist, or else it will have trouble loading quickly. If you have over 250 tracks in a playlist, please remove some tracks and make a secondary playlist.

I have less than 250 tracks, and my playlist is still not loading

If you are having troubles loading your playlist, first make sure that you are using a browser version that SoundCloud supports. The lowest browser versions SoundCloud supports are: 

  • Chrome 35 
  • Firefox 28
  • Internet Explorer 10
  • Safari 6

If you are using a lower browser version, please upgrade it. From there, you should be able to load the playlist page properly.

My browser version is up to date, what do I do?

Please try loading the page after following these steps:

  • Check our Status Blog to make sure that there are not any interruptions on site that could cause you difficulties loading pages
  • Check to see if the page loads in another browser i.e Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer
  • If applicable, try disabling anti virus and any Firewalls your browser may have installed
  • Make sure you are using the main site. At this time, you can’t upload using the or through the app.



Still need help? File a ticket.

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