Reporting stream rippers

SoundCloud uses the most widely supported streaming protocol to ensure your sounds can be played everywhere, by everyone, across the web. When someone hits play on a track, the technology behind this streaming protocol is put into action to make sure your track can be played. By using a streaming technology which is widely supported, we can make sure that your content is playable on all devices, and browsers.

Websites can exploit vulnerabilities which are inherent in this streaming technology, which allows them to rip the stream and provide it for download elsewhere. This means that they cannot download the original file you have uploaded with us, but instead the streamed audio (which is 128 kbps). This is the downside to using a system which allows you to be heard by everyone, everywhere.

Reporting stream rippers

If you believe a service is violating our Terms of Use by exploiting our streaming technology, you can contact us through the button below this article. We will do our best to help out if there is anything that we can do.  

Still need help? File a ticket.

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