My account was deleted, but I want to sign back in

Deletion Policy

Protecting our users and their data is our first priority. For this reason, we need to fully delete data whenever we are requested to do so by a signed in user. Please bear in mind that, if you delete your account, all data associated with your account–including the sounds that you have uploaded and the usage data associated with those sounds–will be deleted and may not be recoverable.

As SoundCloud is based in Germany, we have a duty to comply with German data protection laws. If our Trust & Safety Team is contacted with a request to manually delete an account, we will always establish that we are being contacted by the account’s verified owner before assisting with the deletion request. In other words; our deletion policy upholds a user’s right to always remove their own account data, while protecting against account fraud and the deletion of data without an account owner’s consent.


I think my account was hacked and deleted

If your account was deleted by someone else, please email our Support team through the contact button below this article from the email address associated with your account. Once the account is restored, please immediately take the following steps to secure your account:

1. Set a strong password, using our tips here.

2. Revoke any connections to your account

3. Add a secondary email address to reduce the likelihood of getting locked out of your account

4. Remove any inactive, or unknown, email address connected to your account



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