Can't find a track anymore

There are a number of reasons why a track you may have previously played on SoundCloud might not be playable any longer. These reasons include:

  • Track deletion or removal: The track has been deleted by its owner or removed from the platform for copyright infringement.
  • Privacy Settings: The track has been made private by its owner. If it was a private track already then the secret token may have been changed by the user.
  • Over upload limit: The user who uploaded the track may have gone over their upload limit, or their subscription may have lapsed, causing any tracks over the Basic plan's limit to be hidden from listeners.
  • Account suspension or deletion: The uploader's account may have been deleted by its owner or removed for breaching our terms and conditions in relation to spam, copyrights, abuse etc.
  • Blocked in your region: It may be that the original uploader does not have the necessary rights to make  a track available in your territory. As a consequence the track might not be available in your region.  
  • Incorrect URL: The URL may have been misspelled or included an extra character.
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