Reporting impersonation

If you have found an account which is using the same Display Names as you, please remember that it is unlikely that any name is unique. It may be that another user has the same name (or artist name) as you and has no intention of impersonating you.

We consider impersonation to be when an account is set up with the sole intention of pretending to be a genuine representation of another individual or group. This means that it would need to be clear when looking at an account that the intention is to convince others that the reported profile is in fact individual X or group Y. Therefore, when investigating reports of impersonation, we take the entirety of an account into consideration e.g. Profile URL, Display Name, profile description, artwork etc.

In our experience, using the same Display Name as another person does not always mean that the intention is to impersonate. That being said, if you come across an account that you feel is impersonating you, we can help. Before contacting us, please check if the account you are concerned about has been set up on your behalf.

If you would like to report impersonation, please provide us with the following details:

  • Your URL (if you have an account with us)
  • The URL of the account you want to report
  • A brief explanation of how the account is impersonating you


If you are signed to a label or are using a distributor: 

As part of the launch of SoundCloud Go, official representatives of artists (label, distributor or rightsholder) are able to create accounts on artists' behalf. This means if the SoundCloud account has no image of you, contains the word "official" or "music" in the URL and has uploaded your content/ tracks please get in touch with your label, distributor or rightsholder directly for removal or management of the account. 


Still need help? File a ticket.

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