Appearing in Google and other search engines

Unfortunately, we cannot stop Google from searching SoundCloud for results, or influence how long they store information for. If you've already removed personal information from your profile, Google will catch up sooner or later. However, as they cache search results for faster loading times, they may keep your information in their search results if enough people have clicked on it in the past. To fully remove your profile/information, you will need to contact Google directly by filling in this public removal form.

Your account

If you would prefer that your SoundCloud account does not show up when someone Googles your name, the best thing to do is to change your Display Name and Profile URL to a stage name.  


Your image

For any images you’ve removed from SoundCloud which are still showing in Google search results, which you think are still on our servers; please click through the image to see if they’re actually on our servers or not (the URL would begin with
If it is still on our servers an image will appear below the image's URL (highlighted below): 

If it has been removed from our servers, the page will look like this: 


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