I share an account with someone else, and have been kicked out of the profile

If you are involved in a conflict of ownership, relating to an account on SoundCloud which you previously shared with another individual or group, we are unfortunately not in a position to mediate personal disagreements.

Please note: The owner of a SoundCloud account is considered to be the person who owns the email address used at sign up. We have this policy as we are based in Germany; meaning that we must adhere to German Data Protection regulations. This means that the individual who owns the sign-up email, owns the associated SoundCloud account and all related data.

Next steps

If you lose access to your shared email address, as well as your shared SoundCloud account, the first step is to attempt to regain access to the email address used at sign up. You can find out more about this process for the most popular email providers here

If you are unable to regain access to this email address, we are not in a position to pass access over to any other email address. If the account is hosting your Copyrighted content, you can report this via our Report Form.

Need more help?

If you are involved in an ongoing legal dispute with a third party, which involves the ownership of a specific SoundCloud account, please contact us on, providing detailed documentation from your legal representative.



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