Problems with your podcast

If you are having troubles with your podcast follow the steps below to help resolve the issue. 

1. Check to see your episodes are enabled for podcasting on your track's edit page. To check and enable an episode for podcasting, head to the track's edit page (pencil icon under the waveform) and select the permissions tab. Click on the option that says 'Include in RSS feed':


2. Check to see you've set the category for your podcast on your Content Settings page.

3. Make sure your profile image is 1400x1400 pixels. This is the default size for images on iTunes and if your image doesn't meet the requirement your feed will not be accepted. 

Additionally, you can try generating a RSS feed with FeedBurner to try and workaround the issue, but we've had many users receive the same error with their feed.  

4. If you're still having trouble after these steps, please try manually subscribing to your own RSS feed. Open iTunes > File > and select 'Subscribe to Podcast.' Enter your RSS feed into the dialog box and click subscribe. After, try submitting your RSS feed to the iTunes store again. 



Still need help? File a ticket.

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