Track not showing in RSS feed

If your track isn’t showing up in your feed, it could be due to a few different reasons:

Double check your track settings

Make sure that you've included your podcast or track correctly to the RSS feed. You can do that following these instructions

You can also open your RSS feed link in e.g. a Chrome browser and search for your track title to verify if your track is in your RSS feed. 

Your track is private

If your track is private, it will not appear in your RSS feed. The RSS feed only populates with public tracks. To make your track public and in your RSS feed, go to the track’s edit page and change the privacy settings. You can read more about this here.

Your RSS feed is full

Only 450 tracks can fit in an RSS feed at once time. If you have over 450 tracks in your feed, the older ones will be removed to make room for your latest uploads.

You are over your plan's upload limit 

If you are on a Next or Next Pro plan, it may be that you have uploaded over the limit for these plans. To find out what your plan's limit is, visit the Track manager.

You will have to either delete tracks or upgrade to a Next Pro subscription to continue uploading.


Track was taken down for copyright infringement

It may be that your track was taken down for copyright infringement, which will remove it from your profile and RSS feed. You can view these blocked tracks on your Tracks page.


If you believe your track was taken down accidentally, please read how to file a Dispute here

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