Trouble with offline listening

SoundCloud Go is now available in multiple countries. Check to see if SoundCloud Go has launched in your country. To keep up to date on where SoundCloud Go is being released next, check out our blog for more updates.   

If recently added tracks are not showing up in your saved Library, Likes, or playlists offline, first check your Offline Listening Settings page. If you have enabled saving offline only over a Wi-Fi connection and are trying to save over a 3G or LTE connection, either connect to Wi-For disable the 'Only save via Wi-Fi' setting. 

The tracks and playlists you have saved for offline listening are temporary locally stored in your mobile device’s SoundCloud app. This means that if you have uninstalled the SoundCloud app, or have signed out and back in you will lose what you have chosen for offline listening in your Library or playlists. Please consider whether you are prepared to re-save your Library for offline listening before uninstalling or signing out of the app. 


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