Commenting basics

As a fan, give immediate feedback to your favorite creators. Creators, tell your followers how much you appreciate them. Comments drive creative connection for all users. 

Leaving a Comment

You can write a comment on a track through the text box below the waveform that says ‘Write a comment...’ and press your return or enter key to send. You can also mention another user by adding @ before their Profile URL like this: @alex 


The comment will appear at the point on the waveform where you first started typing. Alternatively, you can click any free space in the comment section to leave a comment at that specific point.

Replying to a comment

To reply to a comment you are viewing, click the user avatar on the waveform, or click ‘Reply’ next to the comment on the Track page. To cancel, click anywhere outside of the current waveform. You can visit a commenter's profile by clicking their Display Name.


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