Phishing attempts have been made on my account

Protecting yourself online is important. While we do all we can to prevent unwanted attempts to access your personal information, there are some things to be aware of that can help you to protect yourself. 

When somebody sends you a link (maybe in a message, comment or email) trying to get you to enter your SoundCloud password on a site outside of the domain (it may still look like we call that phishing.

This is done so that the sender of the link can collect your sign-in details (and potentially other personal or sensitive information). The sender may then use this information to hijack your account, typically to use it to send out spam or more phishing attempts.

Therefore, be sure to never give out your sign-in details to any third-parties, and always double check the URL in the address bar of your browser to make sure you are signing in to, and not an unrelated or misspelled domain - no matter who has directed you there.

If you're unsure whether you are on the right domain, just type '' in your browser window directly, or follow this link:

If you think your SoundCloud account has been phished, sign in to your profile, and reset your password immediately.


Be Aware!

We've received reports about emails looking to be from The App Store concerning SoundCloud Go+ recurring payments of $70.99. If you see this and do not have a SoundCloud account or subscription, please report this to Apple immediately. 

You can do this from here: They will be able to confirm whether or not it was authorised by them. As a precaution we would recommend you reset any Apple passwords. 

More information around Apple phishing attempts and how to report them is available here:
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