Track or playlist not embedding properly on Twitter

If you’re having trouble sharing your track to Twitter, getting a “We can’t find that track” error, then this might be because you have previously uploaded and deleted a track with the same URL.

As this new upload has the same URL as the old one, Twitter is getting confused and is going to find the deleted track.

For a quick fix you can add "?123" to the end of your track URL and copy and paste this directly to Twitter.

However, this will not fix it for other users who may want to share your track. For this, you will need to edit the URL of the track slightly so it’s not the same as the deleted upload, just adding or removing one character will do.

You can edit your track's URL through the track edit page on the Basic Info tab:


Once you have changed your track's URL, your track will share successfully when copy-pasted into a tweet. 

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