Writing or replying to a message

Click on the envelope icon in the top right of your navigation bar to get to your messages — they are organized by conversation. Clicking one of these messages will expand the message to show the full conversation and any shared tracks. To reply to a message, simply write in the text box below the conversation. Here, you can link to other SoundCloud profiles by adding @ before their Profile URL, or add a track or playlist that you think the recipient would enjoy listening to.



You can begin a conversation with other SoundCloud users from here by clicking the 'Write new' button, or from the envelope icons on their profiles. 

Otherwise, you can share a track or playlist through a message at any time by clicking the Message tab in the Share button below the track's waveform. 

Can I send a message to all my followers at once?

We do not offer the ability to mass message on SoundCloud. 

If you would like to share a track with all of your followers, we recommend sharing the track publicly. Here, it is guaranteed to be pushed to everyone's Streams. Additionally, your followers can from there repost your public track to their own profile and Stream. This way, their own followers will be able to discover and listen to your music as well, gaining you new fans and followers.
You can share a track or playlist through a message at anytime through the ‘Share’ button 

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