Your Display Name and Profile URL

If other users are searching for you on SoundCloud, make locating your profile as easy as possible for them by making your display name and profile URL clear, correct and concise.


How can I change my name or URL?

You can change your display name and profile URL by visiting your profile page via a web browser on your computer and clicking the Edit button under your profile header. The username can also be changed via mobile (URL changes not possible on mobile).

You can choose whichever display name you want. Be sure to display it as you would anywhere else, and feel free to include spaces and capital letters.

You can also add your first and last name if you wish so.

To change your profile URL, click the little pen icon that appears beside your URL. Please note that you can only use numbers, lowercase letters, underscores, or hyphens in your URL.


Please note: You can only use numbers, small letters, underscores, or hyphens in your URL. Changing your profile URL is not available through our mobile apps (you may only change your username via the app).


How often can I change my URL? 

To reduce illicit activity in the platform, we have introduced limits to how many times users can change their URL within a period of time.

If you see an error, it means that you might have likely reached these limits. We suggest waiting until the following month and try again, or file a ticket.


What happens when you change your display name or profile URL?

Your new profile URL and display name will be immediately searchable within SoundCloud, but may not show up immediately in Google search. This is dependent on Google refreshing its cache, and SoundCloud cannot influence this.

If you change your profile URL, this will affect all links and embedded players you might have posted previously. Embedded players that were posted before August 2010 will be broken. However, embedded players posted after this time will still play your tracks, but if the listener clicks through to the SoundCloud page, they will be directed to an empty page. We do not offer redirect services when you change your profile URL.


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