Embedding a track or playlist

To get an embed code for your track or playlist, click the 'Share' button below the waveform and an overlay will appear. Click on the embed tab to view what options you have to embed your player. 

Copy-paste the embed code from 'Code & preview'. Next, copy the code and paste it into the HTML editor section of your site’s editor. From there a player will form and you can check how many plays you get from your website or blog through your Insights page if you are a Next Pro subscriber.

Note: You no longer need a specific Wordpress code to embed your player on a Wordpress site. For more information, please read here.


If you receive reports that some users cannot download your content, they must be signed into their SoundCloud account first before the download option is enabled.

Anonymous downloads are not permitted.


Enabling permissions for embedded players:

If you would like to enable or disable your track to be embedded, you can choose to display the embed code through your track's Permissions tab. Just tick the option "Display embed code":


You can also enable or disable this option for multiple tracks at once through your tracks page. Click on the tracks you would like to enable the embed code, and click ‘Edit tracks’ and choose ‘Permissions’ from the dropdown.

If you want your track to be playable only on SoundCloud and through SoundCloud embeds, instead of websites or apps that use our API, please uncheck the option "Enable app playback".

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