Podcasting insights on SoundCloud

You can view insights for your podcast through your Insights Overview page. You can access your Insights Overview page at anytime through the drop-down menu from your avatar on the top navigation header.



Your play count shows you the total number of times your fans have listened to your sounds on, through our embedded player, our mobile apps for iOS and Android, and our API. Play counts also include streams and downloads via your RSS feed.


The download count shows how many times someone clicked the download button on or the embedded player.

Public and private insights

Plays, likes, comments and repost counts are all displayed publicly on your sounds by default, but Next Pro users can hide those numbers if they’d prefer to keep that information private with our Quiet Mode feature.

Downloads counts (if you are a Next Pro user) are private metrics that are only visible when you’re signed into your account.


Other Sources

Here you'll find all the stats coming from outside of SoundCloud that we can track, where users have listened to or downloaded your episode.

The stats under "Websites", "RSS" and "Third-party Apps" are the plays coming from your RSS feed, embedded players, etc.  

Under these sections you'll see the plays that we can track from specific apps and platforms. Please note that there are some plays from specific platforms that we are not able to track (e.g. Spotify) - they should have a separate stats dashboard on their website.  Hence there can be a discrepancy between these if you add all the tracks together. 


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