Your Feed and how it works

Your Feed keeps you up to date with the people you follow: their new tracks, playlists, and reposts will be displayed in chronological order from newest to oldest. Your own posts will also be displayed there as well as on your profile. When you sign into your SoundCloud account on web or through our iOS and Android apps, you will land on the Feed page by default.

Feed is now limited to June 2021, or 1000 items. This has no affect on your "liked" tracks or Playlists.


You can unfollow users to stop their new uploads and reposts from appearing in your Feed. Any older tracks or playlists will also disappear. 

Please note: it's only possible to see one post or repost of a specific track in your Feed. Initially all tracks are "posted" by a creator in the feed, however, if someone that you follow reposts the track, the repost will be shown at the top of your feed and erase any post of the same track from another user, if it's further down in your feed. 


Promoted tracks

Promoted tracks enable artists, labels and brands to share their content in the Feeds of those who aren't following them to get their name and sound out to a broader audience. These are similar to promoted posts or sponsored content found on other social media sites.

Please note: Promoted tracks are currently only available to SoundCloud Premier users, brand partners and Next Plus users. However, there are other ways you can promote yourself within the SoundCloud community. Read here for more details. 

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