Defamation (also referred to as slander or libel) is defined as accusing someone of an action they should not be held responsible for, with the outcome of damaging an individual’s reputation. Typically, defamatory content is presented as fact with or without evidence to back up assertions being made. 

SoundCloud does not tolerate defamation, whether made via spoken word (this is classed as slander), comments, messages or any other written means (this is classed as libel). Activity deemed as defamatory will be removed from the platform, and members defaming others will receive a warning, or have their account terminated.

If you break the rules

We don’t pre-screen content, but we do reserve the right to remove anything reported to us that is in breach of our Terms of Use or Community Guidelines (which you have agreed to adhere to by signing up to use SoundCloud), including any content that we deem to be otherwise unacceptable based on our reasonable discretion.

As such, we will remove content from your account if it has been reported to us, and is found to be defamatory. For this content to be reinstated, you would be required to provide supporting evidence to demonstrate the factual basis for the statements being made.

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