Feature use policies

SoundCloud aims to help creators to connect directly with their fans. We understand that promoting your work is important, and we encourage you to seek out fans and other like-minded individuals. In our experience, the most successful forms of promotion are built upon meaningful interactions between creators and their audience. However, there is a fine line between developing these connections and over-sharing with members of the community.

You can be blocked from accessing specific feature(s) on-site if you are doing any of the following:

  • You’re posting similar comments or messages from your account (avoid copy and pasting, or sending comments or messages with the same links over and over)
  • You’re following a lot of accounts in a short time period
  • You’re following a lot of people you recently unfollowed
  • You’re liking or reposting a lot of tracks in one day (make sure you listen to any sound before liking, or reposting it)
  • You’re liking or reposting a lot of tracks you recently removed from your likes or reposts
  • A number of community members have manually flagged your account, messages or comments as spam



We have on-site limits in place to encourage the growth of genuine, close-knit communities around creators’ tracks. These limits look for accounts which appear to be using a feature in a way other than it was intended, and can block access to that feature.
Our anti-spam systems are automated, and focus on detecting accounts who are making large numbers of the same activity within a 24 hour period. 
When you are being warned that you may end up in a block soon, you will see this message: 


When you see your first warning, you must acknowledge it by clicking “Yes, I understand” before you can carry on using the feature. Please note, if you continue to use the feature after agreeing that you understood the warning that you received, you may end up in a block.


If you’ve received and accepted a warning before, any time you hit this on-site limit again, you will be blocked from using that feature. You will receive a message similar to this one: 


If you are in a block, it means that for a period of time you will be unable to use the feature. The length of this time period depends on whether or not you have been in a block before. The more often you run up against the same limit the longer that block will become, and it will tell you when the block will expire in the block warning.

Please note: no matter what subscription level you have, we cannot manually remove any blocks - this is to ensure fairness for all of our users.

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