Reporting on SoundCloud

We take our Terms of Use and Community Guidelines seriously, and expect everyone in the community to do the same. We hope that you will never need to report violations. But, in case you do come across something you think we need to take a look at, read on to find out more about reporting and our approach to moderation.  

We have a dedicated team of people who spend their time reviewing all reports objectively, using our Terms of Use, Community Guidelines and internal policies when moderating reports. Remember that we can only make decisions based on the information we have available to us. This means that we cannot accept reports of activity that happens externally from SoundCloud. 

Please bear in mind that something that you find unacceptable, may not be unacceptable to everyone. We try to maintain a fair and balanced approach and will remove any content that violates these rules, or applicable law. Reporting content will not always result in that content being removed if it does not break the rules. Either way, we will always let you know the outcome of your report as soon as we can. 


What would you like to report?

An account Spam, a user that is abusive or harassive, deceased user, a minor on the platform, impersonation, or conflict of ownership
Activity Fake activity, stream rippers, or scams
Content Individual tracks or images that promote hate speech, pornographic content, violent content, illegal content, or privacy violations
Promotional services and advertising
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