Using the Fans Tool

What is the Fans tool?

At SoundCloud we know how important fans are to an artist’s career. With proprietary data created with Fan Powered Royalties (FPR) and other fan engagement signals, Fans surfaces an artist’s most valuable fans and helps them connect with those fans and with their community in meaningful ways. More on FPR


Can artists send a message to more than one fan?

The tool is intended for one-to-one messaging, where artists can form a deeper relationship with their fans. No one wants to receive a mass message. We support and encourage artists to create authentic relationships that feel meaningful on a 1:1 basis.


When will the fan data be updated?

Your fans will refresh the first week of every month. Check back each month for the update to find and connect with newly engaged fans. 


How are engagement levels determined? 

Fan engagement levels are based on how fans are interacting with your content. They indicate which of your fans are most highly engaged with your music and with you as an artist - through key indicators like listening behavior, direct responses like comments, and social actions like sharing.   


Are new features coming?

Yes! We’re just getting started. It’s our mission to make it easy for artists to connect with their fans. This is a beta version of the tool and we welcome your feedback!  


I am a Next or Next Plus artist, can I view the tool?

No. This tool is in beta and rolling out first to Next Pro subscribers. Because we use FPR data to calculate the fan list, you should also have tracks that are monetizing on SoundCloud so that we can provide you with your top fans. Once you monetize tracks in Soundcloud for Artists you will be eligible for FPR the following month. To get started, upgrade to a Next Pro subscription


I am a creator with music licensed through a label or independent distributor to Soundcloud, can I view the tool? 

Because we use FPR data to calculate the fan list, you should contact your label or rights holder to ensure your music on SoundCloud is on the FPR model. If you have full control of your rights and are a Next Pro Subscriber, you can also upload and monetize content directly with SoundCloud to get access to Fans in SoundCloud for Artists. To get started, upgrade to a Next Pro subscription


What differentiates the Fans tool in SoundCloud for Artists compared to general insights on SoundCloud? 

Insights on SoundCloud are a powerful tool which help you understand how your content is performing on SoundCloud. Fans is a powerful tool which takes these insights, combines them with Fan Powered Royalty Data and listener signals to create a list of fans you should connect with on a 1:1 level. The Fans tool provides an all-in-one dashboard that makes it easy to connect directly with fans and create real relationships, making them more than just a number.


Why can’t I send more than 50 messages?

No one likes spam, and we don't either.  At the moment, you can send up to 50 messages a day before we ask you to wait a 24 hour period to continue the conversation and create meaningful connections with your fans.


What are Fan Powered Royalties?

Fan Powered Royalties are a more equitable and transparent way for artists to monetize their music on SoundCloud. This new model levels the playing field and allows fans' listenership to directly support the artists they love.


Why can’t I see my stats if I’m monetizing my music?

One of the most important signals we use to develop tools like Fans is by using fan monetization data from Fan Powered Royalties. We are slowly rolling out this tool over the next few months and will continue to include more NextPro subscribers. In the meantime, you can promote your monetized tracks and go respond to some comments! 

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