Get heard, with our updated algorithm

Getting zero plays on a track you’ve worked hard on is the worst. As an artist, you deserve to get heard. That’s why we’re excited to share our new algorithm  —  an update that makes it easier for real people to discover the music you upload on SoundCloud.

Our updated algorithm  recommends your newly uploaded tracks to listeners who are most likely to love them. The goal is to give your music a chance by making sure new uploads are heard by real people during that  critical post-release period.

You can find out more about it here,  and it’s now available for all Next Pro subscribers. 


Which uploads are eligible?

 Our updated algorithm is currently only available for music tracks which are under 10 minutes, set to “public”, and uploaded by Next Pro subscribers. Only 30 tracks per subscriber will be eligible per day.


How many people are you going to be surfacing these new uploads to?

This update was designed to give your music the best chance possible. We start by recommending your tracks to around 100 people with listener profiles that align with your sound. Note that while we can recommend your track to people, we can’t force them to listen all the way through. So this does not mean every track is guaranteed 100 listens.


Who are my tracks being surfaced to? Are these plays coming from bots?

We’re not showing tracks to random accounts - we’re matching them up to listeners who are likely to love them based on their use of autoplay, user activity, and listening history. This naturally weeds out bots, which typically don’t have this type of data available.

Creators are limited to a total of 30 uploads for recommendation per day.


How does the “autoplay” algorithm work?

Our autoplay algorithm helps connect fans with similar taste based on indicators from their user activity and listening history. So, for example, if a user is a huge fan of digicore, your digicore tracks could show up in their autoplay. Find out more about autoplay here.


What if I don’t want my track to be heard by lots of new fans?

If you don’t want your track to be discoverable, you can always upload a private link and share directly with fans and collaborators. Publicly uploaded tracks have always been and will continue to be eligible for inclusion in SoundCloud’s autoplay and recommendation algorithms.


Who will be able to see these tracks?

Publicly available tracks on SoundCloud are available to everyone, and can be seen by anyone. This change just means that your track will be suggested to more listeners (and more potential fans) through autoplay.


How will this impact my listening experience on SoundCloud?

Making sure that autoplay remains a fun and valuable way to discover new music will always be a top priority. As we test this initiative we will be making adjustments based on listener behavior to make sure we’re recommending the right tracks to listeners they will resonate with. 


Can you turn this on or off as a listener?

Our recommendations are tailored to your listening behavior and can help surface tracks you might be interested in. If you don’t want to listen to autoplay recommendations, you can always hit the skip button,  queue up songs, create a playlist, or actively choose what tracks to listen to. You can learn more about autoplay here.

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