Eligibility to Get Heard with our Exclusive Audio Algorithm

Our audio algorithm, exclusive to SoundCloud, will recommend your newly uploaded tracks to listeners who are most likely to love them if you opt in. The goal is to give your music the best chance by making sure new uploads are heard by real people during that critical post-release period.

In order for your track to be eligible for our algorithm, your track must be: 

  • A public track
  • A music track (no podcasts, ASMR, or spoken word)
  • Under 10 minutes in length, but over 1 minute
  • Uploaded or made public within the last 14 days

We can only recommend a maximum of 30 tracks per day per subscriber, so if you upload more frequently than that, only your first 30 will be considered. 

If your track is available to Go+ subscribers only, meaning your rightsholder has only made it available to these subscribers, it will not be eligible for our algorithm. Additionally, while our goal is to recommend every track uploaded by a subscriber, we do take into account things like track quality when surfacing to new fans.


To opt in to this feature, view any track page for a track which is eligible based on the criteria above. Below the track's banner and waveform, you'll see the option to enable here:

Screenshot 2024-05-02 at 3.08.05 PM.png



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