SoundCloud's Buzzing Playlists

What is Buzzing?

Buzzing Playlists are a new set of fan-powered, genre-specific playlists, featuring songs based on genuine fan engagement. Updated weekly, these new playlists are sourced from Next Pro artists who have opted in to have their tracks analyzed by First Fans, and are meant to expose artists to even more listeners, giving them the opportunity to get heard by potential new fans. 


Buzzing Playlists will showcase fresh tracks from the best up-and-coming Next Pro artists in Pop, Hip Hop, R&B, and Electronic. For Next Pro artists, it’s a chance to show off their best new music and find future fans. For listeners, it’s a way to discover the tracks and artists other fans in their scene are connecting with.


You can listen to this week’s Buzzing Playlists here.


How can I be featured on a Buzzing playlist?

 Here’s how Buzzing works:

  1. SoundCloud Next Pro artists upload a fresh track and can opt-in to have it analyzed by First Fans, our recommendation algorithm. 
  2. First Fans then analyzes these uploads and recommends them to up to 100 listeners (real listeners, not bots) most likely to love it, based on their past listening behavior. 
  3. From there, top tracks are recommended to even more listeners, now up to 1000.
  4. The highest performing tracks of those recommended – the ones that listeners engage with the most (engagement, plays, replays and playlist adds) earn a spot on a coveted, fan-powered, Buzzing playlist.


For more information on which tracks are eligible for First Fans and Buzzing playlists, as well as steps to opt-in, click here


Does every track I opt-in for First Fans get featured on a Buzzing playlist?

No, only the top performing tracks from Next Pro artists that have opted in to have their tracks analyzed by First Fans have the opportunity to make it to a Buzzing Playlist.


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