Denied sign in or sign up - "Our robots think you're spam"

Sometimes you may see a “Our robots think you’re spam” or "Our robots think you're a robot" error message when trying to log in or sign up. 

We have a number of systems in place to stop spammers from signing up or logging in. It looks like there was something about your sign up or login attempt which triggered these systems and prevented you from accessing SoundCloud.

To regain access to your account or to create an account, try following the troubleshooting steps below:

  • Try reloading/refreshing the page
  • Try using a different browser
  • Try accessing through a different computer or device
  • Try resetting your router
  • Try a different internet connection


If you're still trying to create an account, we'd recommend you try using a different email address, as it's possible there's an issue with your email address or domain.

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