Promotion Billing and Payments

How do I pay for my promotions?

In order to submit a booking you are required to provide your credit or debit card details in advance. That card will then be charged prior to commencing any promotion. The credit card details can be saved for future purposes on the Payments page.


When will I be charged?

At checkout, you will be charged for all booked impressions for all promotions part of the booking, but will only pay for the impressions that have been delivered. Any unused portion of your budget will be refunded to your credit card after the end date of your entire order.


What does the different payment status in the booking listings mean?

Settled: Payment is confirmed and total cost of booking has been charged to your credit card.

Sent for refund: If your campaign has been refunded, it usually takes 2-5 business days to complete the refund.

Completed: All promotions that are part of the bookings are completed, under delivered impressions are calculated and a refund is issued for the difference. You’ll never pay for what doesn’t run!

Invalid credit card: In case there are issues with the credit card and a refund cannot be issued.


What happens if my promotion under-delivers impressions?

Occasionally promotions don’t reach 100% of the booked impressions due to the real-time changes in available impressions on SoundCloud or technical issues. In the event of under delivery of impressions, the value of non-delivered impressions will be calculated and refunded. Please note that the validity period of the card used to purchase the booking should cover the whole period for all promotions part of the booking, as refunds can only be issued for the same card used at the booking payment. Please refer to the Terms and Conditions for details about Promote on SoundCloud’s refund policy.


What happens if my promotion over-delivers impressions?

Occasionally SoundCloud serves your promotion more times than you had purchased. If that is the case, the delivered impressions may be higher than your impressions purchased. Don’t worry, you will never be charged extra! The extra impressions that were served are added value from SoundCloud.


How can I update my payment information?

You can update your payment information at the checkout page.


How can I update the currency assigned to my account?

Your currency is set up during the registration flow. You cannot edit the currency assigned to your account after you register. 


What currencies are accepted for payment?

Currently USD, GBP, EUR, AUD, CAD, CHF are all accepted. As SoundCloud’s expands into new territories, additional currencies may become available. You cannot edit the currency assigned to your account after you register. For more information, please contact SoundCloud support here and select “Promote on SoundCloud”.


Can I pay with an invoice?

At this time, Promote on SoundCloud only accepts purchases made through credit and debit cards. 


How do I get a receipt for my promotion?

You can review your purchases and details for each booking by clicking on the Booking tab.

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