Managing my promotions

How can I pause or cancel a promotion?

Once your promotion is running, you can pause it at any time for any reason. Pausing a campaign means it will stop serving impressions, so your target audience will no longer see your promoted track at the top of the homepage or feed. 

 You can’t cancel a purchased promotion, but if you pause it through the final date you selected for your booking, you will be refunded the remaining balance on any paused promotion. 


Can I create a promotion draft?

If you exit the promotion set up while you are working on it, it will not be saved and you will have to start the set up all over again.


How can I request a refund?

At checkout, you will be charged for all booked impressions for all promotions part of the booking, but will only pay for the impressions that are delivered. Any unused portion of your budget will be refunded to your credit card after the end date of your entire order.

 If you would like to receive a refund for your promotions, you will have to pause each individual promotion through the final date you selected in that booking. After the last date on your booking has passed, a refund for any unused portion of your budget will be issued to the credit card you used to make the purchase.


How can I edit a promotion?

You can edit a promotion by going to the Promotions tab, selecting the promotion you want to edit, and clicking edit at the bottom of the page. If you already purchased your promotion, you can only edit your promotion name and targeting options. You won’t be able to change your budget and timing, or switch between Simple and Advanced targeting. 

If you haven’t purchased your promotion yet and want to edit it, you can do so by going to your cart and clicking the edit button next to the promotion.

You can’t edit a completed promotion. 


My promotion stopped serving impressions, what should I do?

If your promotion stopped serving impressions it could mean that your promotion has completed, or that you or SoundCloud have paused your promotion. If you feel like this is an error, please contact SoundCloud support here and select “Promote on SoundCloud”.

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