Performance and Reporting for Promotions

How can I get information about the performance of my promotion?

You can see an overview of your promotion by clicking on the Dashboard tab at the top of the screen. From here, you have access to data about the performance of your promotion campaigns in real time. You can also get a high level information in the Promotions tab - booked impressions, delivered impressions, clicks, etc. In the Reports tab, you can download and schedule reports delivery, according to your needs.

 Promote on SoundCloud’s reporting works best in conjunction with your SoundCloud Insights. Customize your SoundCloud Insights date range to match your promotion and see how your promotion helped boost your plays, likes, reposts, comments and more. 


What do the various metrics in my reporting mean?

Depending on the period selected for a report you can get following metrics:

Interactions: the number of track plays or visits to your profile

Booked impressions: the number of user impressions (views) that you paid for when you set up your campaign promotion.

Delivered impressions per the report period: the number of user impressions (views) that your campaign actually had per indicated report date range.

Delivered impressions cumulative: the number of user impressions (views) that your campaign actually had effective the promotion start date.

Interaction Rate: The number of Interactions compared to the Delivered Impressions. For example, if you deliver 500,000 Impressions and get 10,000 Interactions, the Interaction Rate is 2.0% (Interactions / Delivered Impressions = Interaction Rate).

Promotion cost: Cost of a promotion based on the booked impressions and targeting level.

Final Promotion cost: Cost of a Promotion based on the delivered impressions.

CPM rate: cost of a Promotion per 1000 impressions.


Can I export my reports from Promote on SoundCloud?

Yes, you can download a CSV file with a customized report for your promotions. Visit the Reports tab to either download your report or set up scheduled reports.

Scheduled reports can be customized with the name of the report, the email who will receive the report, how often you want to receive the report, and the date range that you want included in your data. To schedule a report, click “Create New” from the Reports tab.


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