What is Top Tracks?

Update January 9th 2020: We heard your feedback on our recently released “Top tracks” section and we have decided to remove it from the “All” tab on our website. In addition, we renamed “Top tracks” into “Popular tracks”, since overall play counts on tracks are not the only metric that feed into the underlying algorithm.


Top tracks is a feature that we recently introduced on our desktop version that has previously existed in mobile devices. 

It drives a lot of engagement to your tracks including likes, plays, and shares and is a mix of both popular and recent tracks.The top tracks algorithm is updated daily and we only include engagement data from the past 90 days, which means that only recent streaming data is considered. 

If you are a creator, we offer the Spotlight feature which comes free with all Pro accounts and gives you control over what tracks are at the top of your profile so you can highlight the work you are most proud of.

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