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We launched Direct Support Links in response to the immediate and unforeseen closure of venues around the world. We talked to several creators on our platform and learned the financial impact COVID-19 created due to cancelled tours, gigs, and even studio sessions and put our heads together to launch something we thought might be helpful in these uncertain times. 

Direct Support Links are a single link that you add to your profile in order to highlight an app or site where you would like to direct supporters who want to chip in and provide some financial relief for you, if you choose to activate it. 

At present we support links that enable your community to either send donations, fundraise, subscribe to your membership, crowdfund your projects, or purchase your music and merchandise directly from you.

Before we get into how to enable your support module, we want to address some basic questions. But you can also jump straight into the How-to Guide below.


What qualifies as a support link?

The internet is a wild place, and to protect our creators and listeners, we’ve chosen to limit the supported domains to provide a variety of support methods while focusing on those that we trust and are popular already amongst our creators.

Here is the current list of supported platforms that will work with our Direct Support initiative:


Service Example<name>$<name> - or$<name>
Bandcamp <domain> 
Shopify <domain>


If you don’t use any of these services, you can still add the link to your profile in the Links section above Support Links and they will appear under your bio as they always have.

If you would like to recommend a service to support in the Support Link module, you can submit your recommendation here. Please don’t file a support ticket or tweet at us with suggestions, we’ll ignore them. Please submit your recommendations in this form. It’s the only place we’ll check.

Please note additional support options are solely at our discretion and any changes to the supported links could come at any time without notice including removing the feature entirely.


Does SoundCloud take a fee on these transactions?

No. We don’t take a fee or make a commission on any support offered during this initiative. Any money you earn through this is yours to keep. We are literally just letting you pick a link and making it super prominent.  

Keep in mind however whichever platform you use likely does take a fee and you should familiarize yourself with their terms of service and fee structure to understand which option is best for you.


When did this go live? Will you always support it?

We launched support links on April 2, 2020.

SoundCloud is where creators and listeners come together to engage directly. We are always looking for more ways for listeners to support the creators they discover and love directly on SoundCloud.
In response to the unprecedented challenges and loss of income creators are facing amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, we accelerated the roll out of a new direct-fan support button. Our plan is to continue to give creators tools to accept meaningful support from their fans, and provide fans with tools to help creators grow, so we will continue to develop ways to do that beyond the pandemic.

We’re all in this together and it’s important to everyone that creative projects continue unabated. So, use this to fund your projects, offset bills, or get whatever you need to stay on your feet. 

To help us understand what you’re going through and ways we could be helpful, fill out this short surveyWe’re here for you.


I don’t need financial support, should I use this?

We didn’t have the time or interest to invent a litany of rules and criteria for who can and can’t use this feature, and frankly, it’s none of our business. So, let’s agree to use the honor system. If you need it, use it. If you don’t, look across the community and see how you can help those who do. These are wild times and our favorite creators should be focused on creating. Let’s help them do just that.


How can I add a support link to my profile?

1. While using a web browser on your computer, go to your profile page on a desktop and click the “Edit” button.


2. Go to “Your links” and click the “Add fan support link”. 


3: Add your link to one of our supported payment platforms and hit “Save changes


4: The new support module will be shown like this on your profile.



How can I change or remove the Direct Support Link?

1. While using a web browser on your computer, go to your profile page on a desktop and click the “Edit” button.

2. Go to “Your links” and find your support link, and change it or click the trash icon to remove it.

3. hit “Save changes

4. The link will have been changed or removed 


Additional Resources

Support links are just part of a larger initiative SoundCloud is working on. Get the resources you need to keep creating and building your career during this difficult time. Visit our Keep The Music Going During COVID-19 guide for loads more info, updated frequently.

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