How do I get started with SoundCloud DJ?

To start using SoundCloud DJ you will need to either create a new SoundCloud account or sign into your existing account, head over to subscriptions and then subscribe to SoundCloud DJ.


Currently, offline downloads for SoundCloud DJ subscriptions is only possible using Virtual DJ and Pioneer DJ Rekordbox although we have more integrations coming soon.


How do I transfer my music library from another streaming service to SoundCloud?

With a few clicks you can transfer your current library to SoundCloud using Tune My Music:

  1. Connect with your music platform
  2. Load playlists from your account
  3. Select playlists to move
  4. Connect with your SoundCloud account
  5. Log into your SoundCloud

Tune My Music has a high match rate when trying to find tracks on SoundCloud. However sometimes tracks cannot be found due to inconsistent metadata or content not being available on SoundCloud. For missing tracks it’s still worth performing a manual search on SoundCloud.


Free trials are for first time subscribers of either Go+ or SoundCloud DJ. For example, if you have previously been subscribed to a free trial with Go+, you will not be eligible for an additional free trial with SoundCloud DJ and vice versa.

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