SoundCloud DJ FAQs

Which DJ apps can I use with my SoundCloud subscription?

  • VirtualDJ (offline use with SoundCloud DJ subscription only)
  • Serato DJ Pro and DJ Lite
  • Pioneer DJ Rekordbox (offline use with SoundCloud DJ subscription only) and WeDJ
  • Algoriddim djay and djay Pro
  • Native Instruments Traktor DJ 2
  • edging Mix and edging Pro
  • Denon DJ PRIME Series 
  • Mixvibes Cross DJ
  • DEX3 

Please keep checking our blog and socials for any updates.


Currently, the offline download feature for SoundCloud DJ subscriptions is only possible using Virtual DJ, and Pioneer DJ Rekordbox although we have more integrations coming soon. 


How do I mix with select DJ apps?

SoundCloud is integrated with select DJ apps that let you connect your SoundCloud account and search for and play tracks using a Go+ or SoundCloud DJ subscription. If you have SoundCloud DJ you can also save unlimited tracks for offline access.


Can I DJ on SoundCloud?

No, DJ capabilities are only available within the DJ apps. SoundCloud provides access to tracks you can stream within your DJ app.


I am a DJ and have Next Pro, can I use that to access the DJ integrations?

While Next Pro does not provide access to DJ integrations, it gives you the ability to upload unlimited sets, schedule your mixes to go live in advance, unlock full stats and add Go+ for 50% off.


Can I cancel any time?

Yes, you can visit your Subscriptions page and edit your plan, whether that is it upgrade, downgrade or cancel. If upgrading or downgrading, changes take effect immediately. If canceling, although we will miss you, you can enjoy the service until the end of the monthly billing cycle you have paid for.


Why is the DJ app that I use not on here? When are you adding more DJ apps?

We are always looking to integrate with more DJ partners, so please keep checking our blog and socials for any updates. Please join the mailing list to find out when we add more integrations.


I already have Go+, how can I upgrade to SoundCloud DJ?

Although Go+ already allows DJ mixing whilst connected, if you would like to have offline access, you can upgrade to SoundCloud DJ here.


Why can't my Next Pro plan work for this?

While Next Pro does not provide access to DJ integrations, you can add Go+ for 50% off to start mixing within select DJ apps.


Where can I perform using SoundCloud DJ?

The usage of SoundCloud tracks through SoundCloud Go+ or SoundCloud DJ is for private use only.


What is the difference between Go+ and DJ?

With SoundCloud DJ not only do you get all the benefits of Go+, but you can also mix all of your SoundCloud tracks offline from your favorite DJ app.  


I have a student discount for Go+, why can't I keep the discount for DJ?

Currently, there isn't a special price for this plan for verified students.


What is the catalog that's included with the DJ integrations? Does it have the music I want?

With the DJ integrations, you get access to SoundCloud's 200 million-plus tracks. Try searching on SoundCloud for a song you want to DJ with. If you can find it, that means you could also add it to your mix with a supported DJ app.


How many tracks can I download for offline playback?

As many as your device's storage can allow.


What is the audio quality of the available tracks?

 SoundCloud supports the ability to upload more HD lossless audio formats than anywhere else. Our DJ integrations also support these formats, meaning that if a track is uploaded in high quality you'll be able to play back as an AAC compressed file. Here you will find for more information about audio quality on SoundCloud.


Can I DJ with SoundCloud DJ at the club?

No, please reference our full guidelines here.

Copyright laws are put in place to protect you and your fellow artists, so it’s important to understand how they work. If you want a quick breakdown, please visit our Creator Guide or Help Center.

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