Mastering intensity


Learn how to get the most out of your mastering experience by leveraging this simple but powerful feature.


Intensity is your friend

Each mastering style applies varying levels of EQ, compression, limiting, and so on.

The intensity parameter gives you control over the amount of these changes applied to your track based on your preference.

A value of 0 gives you a loudness-optimized version with no changes in dynamics while a value of 100 applies the full range of recommended changes to the original.


Listen for the nuance

Getting acquainted with the nuance of the changes in the tracks is best done by bringing the intensity to 0, and gradually moving it up the scale. You'll begin to hear the differences with this approach. From here A/B the original vs. the master to get a sense for how the audio is improving (or not improving). 

It would be a disservice to keep the mastering intensity at 100% and just compare the existing profiles. Depending on how well mixed your track is, the intensity may have a minimal impact or a tremendous one. It's important here to really use your ears.


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