Paying for masters

Do I have to be a subscriber to use mastering?

You do not have to be subscriber to use our mastering service, however, Next Pro subscribers receive a discount on masters and Next Pro subscribers get 3 free masters to use every month and a discounted rate on additional masters.


How much does mastering a track cost? 

The price is 4.99 USD per master or equivalent in your local currency. To find out the price to master your track with our new service, please head on over here

If you are a Next Pro subscriberwe will load you up with 3 free masters each month and give you the option to purchase additional masters for a discounted price. We encourage you to use those credits to master something you’ve been working on or choose from the tracks you’ve already uploaded to SoundCloud.


Do my free masters carry over to new months? 

No. Free masters are limited to 3 per month. You can use them if you like, but if you don't they don't carry over into the next month. If you do not use them in a month, then when the next month rolls over you will still have 3. If you use all three in a month, when the next month rolls over, you will have three more.

The credits from your Next Pro subscription will expire after every month if not used and they will be replaced with 3 new ones. 


When do I get new free masters? 

You get the 3 monthly free credits from your Next Pro subscription based on your billing date. If you are an annual subscriber, it is based on the original billing date for that annual subscription.


If I cancel my Next Pro subscription, do I lose my credits?

After cancelling you will still be able to use your 3 monthly credits included in your subscription until it expires on your renewal date. 

Can I transfer my credits to a friend if I don’t use them?

It is not possible to transfer credits to another account. 


Is a .wav file more expensive than a .mp3 file? 

The price of each master is the same and file type does not affect the price.  


I'm not happy with my mastered file, can I get a refund? 

Our mastering service is non-refundable. 


My master failed but I was still charged, what do i do? 

If your master fails, you'll be gifted with a new mastering credit to use for any track you want.

To prevent your mastering from failing again, you can try to export your file in a new format (e.g. WAV (16 and 24 bit). 


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