Promoting your music on Repost FAQs

What type of promotion does Repost by SoundCloud offer and how do I get access? 

Repost by SoundCloud offers plenty of ways to help promote your music such as:

Official SoundCloud Playlist pitching

Pitch your content to featured stores

Spotify playlisting

YouTube channel placements

Curated in-store placements

Exclusive partnerships (Dash Radio, Sound Arsenal, CloudKid)

SoundCloud Repost campaigns

To access these features, log into your Repost by SoundCloud account, click the Promotion tab, and choose the content you would like to submit (Note: you can only pitch releases 30 days in advance of their release date / you can submit one pitch to featured platforms per month).

Can I use Repost by SoundCloud’s promotion services for music monetized / distributed with another distributor? 

No.  Our promotional services are only available for content monetized and/or distributed through Repost by SoundCloud.

What are Smart Links? 

Smart Links are landing pages for your tracks that you can share with fans to get pre-saves ahead of your release date and more engagement once your content is live!  Here's an example. Pre-Saves are converted to a Smart Link post release!

How do I get my songs onto Spotify & Apple Music playlists? 

Log into your Repost by SoundCloud account, click the Promotion tab, go to Pitch to Stores, and select Spotify and Apple Music as stores you would like Repost Network to submit your release as a priority (note that there are no guaranteed placements / remember to submit your release for distribution minimum 4 weeks in advance).

How early do I need to upload my release to get promotion support? 

To get promotion support, you should upload your release a minimum of 4 weeks in advance (5 weeks recommended to allow time for release to be approved and delivered to stores).

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