Promoting your music on SoundCloud for Artist FAQs

Where can I submit and pitch my tracks for promotion (editorial and marketing considerations for all DSPs)?

Pitching your tracks to DSPs is an essential component of any release plan. We have created a new Pitch to Partners section within the SoundCloud for Artists dashboard to help optimize your opportunities for placement and support. Click here to submit and pitch your release!

What are Smart Links? 

Smart Links are landing pages for your tracks that you can share with fans to get pre-saves ahead of your release date and more engagement once your content is live!  Here's an example. Pre-Saves are converted to a Smart Link post release!


What is SC Planner?

SCPlanner is a dashboard and community site which has built automation and data tools around SC4A scheduling, network building and playlist placement on platforms such as SoundCloud and Spotify. SCPlanner has become the go-to marketing tool kit for labels such as Disciple Records, Run the Trap, Artist Union, and some of the other largest brands in electronic music.

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