SoundCloud Next Pro Invoices

Where can I get an invoice after I purchase my SoundCloud Next Pro subscription?

We send you an invoice to your primary email attached to your SoundCloud account as soon as you purchase a plan. If you do not see this email, check your spam folder just in case it ended up there.

If you would like to view information about your purchases, you can do so at:
You could also use the “Print” option in your browser if you click the receipt and then select the “Open PDF in preview” in the print options.


We do not send hard copy invoices. If you need a PDF of the invoice information sent to your email address, you can usually save that information as a PDF file within your web browser.


Can I change my payment details on my Next Pro invoices?

There isn't a way to change the payment details or billing address after the initial purchase.

The original payment details or billing address is bound to every recurring payment thereafter.


If you would like your invoice to display different information, you will simply need to cancel your subscription and then update your new information during your next purchase. 


Firstly, check when your subscription is due to renew.

  1. Cancel your currently plan at  
  2. Wait until the plan expires. Then, log in and visit and choose your desired plan (most likely the plan you are currently paying for)
  3. Fill out the details on the next page, paying special attention to the "add billing address" box, where you can enter your specific details.
  4. Proceed to payment, and complete.

Nothing is deleted from your account. All your tracks will be hidden in the meantime by default, along with their stats and comments will be saved so that once your subscribe again, everything will be restored just as it was before.


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