Where can I buy a SoundCloud Go subscription?

SoundCloud Go is now available in multiple countries. Check to see if SoundCloud Go has launched in your country. We will be rolling out to more countries in the near future. To keep up to date on where SoundCloud Go is being released next, check out our blog for more updates.   

Unlimited + Uninterrupted: The world’s largest music and audio streaming catalog is now available offline and ad-free with SoundCloud Go, with a free trial.

Sign up for a SoundCloud Go subscription¹ through our website or Android app for a lower price, or through the Apple app store with additional transactional fees attached. Make sure you have already confirmed your email address when you’ve signed up before your SoundCloud Go purchase. 


Why has the Go+ subscription price changed?

We’re making this change to continue delivering on our commitment to support independent and emerging artists on our platform thanks to our Fan-Powered Royalties payment model.

The price change help artists make more money, and also helps us build new features that bring you closer to artists.

If you are a Go+ subscriber as of May 2024, you'll have one more billing cycle at the current price before the increase. You can always manage your subscription in your account settings, where you can also read about our Go plan, which gives you offline and ad-free access to a limited catalog of music.


Purchasing through our website

To buy a SoundCloud Go subscription through our website, go to our purchase page: We currently offer these payment methods through our website:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Diners Club
  • Discover

Please note: currently we only accept payments from credit or debit cards issued from the territories in which we have launched SoundCloud Go

If you have a Next Pro subscription, you’ll be able to purchase SoundCloud Go at a discounted price². Read more about the Next Pro discount

Purchasing on your mobile device 

To purchase through the Android or iOS SoundCloud app, go to your Settings page. 

  • On iOS you can access your Settings page through the person icon on the bottom footer, and then the three dots at the top of your Library page. 
  • On Android, click the three dots at the top right of your screen and click Settings from the drop-down. 
  • Note that you will need to have already confirmed your email address at sign-up before your SoundCloud Go purchase.

​Example of purchase page on iOS

Click the SoundCloud Go purchase button to buy a subscription. Once you’ve purchased SoundCloud Go, you’ll see a confirmation screen from SoundCloud welcoming you. 

​Example of confirmation screen on iOS

Pricing difference between web and mobile 

Due to transactional fees, paying for SoundCloud Go through the Apple app store is about 30% more expensive than purchasing directly with SoundCloud. If you would like to purchase SoundCloud Go at a lower price, please read further how to cancel through Apple

¹Offer limited to users based out of territories SoundCloud Go is available in.
²Price limited to purchases via desktop or Android app only. 


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