Mastering eligibility

Mastering is currently limited to songs. At this time we don't support mastering for DJ Mixes (you actually want normalization) or Podcasts.


Copyright Considerations

In order for your content to be eligible for mastering, you must own 100% of the rights in all parts of that content.  

Your track is scanned by our content ID system after mastering for content that has been delivered by rights-holders for copyright protection.  If a match is detected, your content will be blocked.  In other words, mastering content created by someone else runs the risk of having that track removed from your account.

You can avoid these blocks by mastering sounds only that you have created yourself.  You can read more about copyright here.


File formats

While SoundCloud accepts more audio formats than any other platform, mastering is limited to WAV (16 and 24 bit), FLAC and MP3 with a max sample rate of 88200hz.

For the highest fidelity masters, we recommend you upload in a lossless format.

Currently, we are not able to accept .AIFF files uploaded straight from e.g. Garageband or Logic Pro. Make sure to export your tracks in another format e.g. .WAV and it should work just fine! 


Track length

Mastering is currently limited to tracks under 10 min in length. If you're working on a long orchestra piece or just have a jam session that's a bit longer, drop us a note and give us a sense for what you're trying to accomplish and we'll consider it!

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