Youtube Content ID


What is YouTube Content ID? 

YouTube Content ID is a system that allows artists to have control over how their copyrights are used on YouTube.  When you enable Content ID for a track on SoundCloud for Artists, you’ll get paid every time that song is used on YouTube!

Can all of my music be delivered to Content ID? 

In order to upload music for Content ID matching, you must have exclusive rights to all parts of your sound recording, including the beat and any samples.  Please note that even if a beat is free or leased from a producer, it does not necessarily mean you have the exclusive rights to it.  For more information on what is eligible for Content ID, check out this article:

How do I enable YouTube Content ID for my music? 

​Once you distribute a release to stores through SoundCloud for Artists, you can enable YouTube Content ID for those tracks in the YouTube Content ID tab in your dashboard.

I leased my beat - can I still use Content ID? 

No.  You can only enable Content ID for music where you control all rights exclusively (a lease only grants you permission to use the beat / you are not the sole owner).  For more information on what is eligible for Content ID, check out this article:

I received a claim from SoundCloud for Artists on my own channel for my own music.  What does this mean?

Receiving a claim from us is not something to worry about and not the same as a copyright strike.  This is just YouTube’s Content ID system ensuring that you are monetizing every instance of your content on YouTube (including your channel!).

Can I remove a claim on a specific video? 

Sure!  Just go to the YouTube Content ID tab in your SC4A dashboard, click the track that claimed the video, search for the video in the Active Claims section, and click “Remove Claim”.  The claim will then be removed in 1-2 days.

How do I deactivate Content ID for a track? 

Please reach out to us with the title(s) and ISRC(s) of the track(s) you would like removed from Content ID.  After you receive confirmation from our team that the claim was removed, please allow 2-3 days for your account to be updated.


Why can’t I enable my track for CID?

In most cases, if you are not able to enable Content ID within your dashboard, YouTube has flagged the track for using or including audio elements which may not be controlled or exclusively owned by the artist. Some artists use loops, stems, or beats that are licensed or sampled from other creators. While you may be able to monetize tracks with this content, you may not be able to enable the track for YouTube Content ID. In order to enable Content ID, please reach out to us with as much detail regarding original and exclusive ownership of the track so we can verify that you have rights to enable this claim. For more information about content eligible for YouTube Content ID, click here


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