Distribution FAQs

Can I distribute if I work with a publisher/PRO? 

Sure!  Publishers and performing rights organizations (PROs) represent your composition rights.  Repost by SoundCloud allows you to monetize and distribute your sound recordings which does not conflict.

Does Repost by SoundCloud distribute podcasts? 

We do not currently support podcast distribution.

Can I distribute a cover song? 

Yes!  However, you must obtain a license from the original writers / publishers to do so.  We suggest using a company such as Easy Song Licensing to do this.

How do I update my bio images? 

Most bio images are populated by Allmusic.com.  Please reach out to them directly using this contact form: https://www.allmusic.com/product-submissions.

There is music on my artist profile that isn’t mine.  What do I do? 

Repost by SoundCloud can only remove / remap content that we distributed on your behalf.  The best way to resolve this issue is to reach out to the store or platform directly (e.g. Spotify has a form for this exact issue: https://artists.spotify.com/contact).

How do I get an official artist channel on YouTube? 

Please send us links to both your YouTube channel as well as a link to the topic channel with your music, and we can make this request for you.  Please note that currently it will take YouTube a couple of months to perform quality assurance and then upgrade the channel to an OAC.  For more information on Official Artist Channels, check out this article: https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/7336634.

How do I link my Instagram handle to my music on Facebook? 

Please reach out to us via support chat or email with the following information: 

Your Instagram handle

The title(s) / ISRC(s) for the track(s) you would like linked to your Instagram account

After you receive confirmation from our team that we reached out to Facebook for this update, please allow one week for Facebook / Instagram to reflect the change!

How do I add lyrics to my music on Instagram? 

If you have distributed to Facebook/Instagram through Repost by SoundCloud, your existing releases may already have lyrics available in Instagram, but if not, you can ensure your lyrics are available in time for your next release by signing up to become a Verified Artist at Musixmatch and then utilize their New Release form.

My music is already on TikTok as an original sound but I’m not credited.  What do I do? 

Please reach out to us via support chat or email with the following information: 

A link to the sound on TikTok

The title and ISRC of the track that matches the TikTok sound

After you receive confirmation from our team that we reached out to TikTok for this update, please allow at least one week for TikTok to reflect the change!

I distributed music through Repost and want to see my analytics.  Where can I do this? 

Log into your Repost by SoundCloud Dashboard, click the Analytics tab, and you can see analytics for your distributed content! Please note Apple requires a minimum of five plays a day in order to generate statistics.

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