SoundCloud Go General FAQs

Can I access the full SoundCloud catalogue with SoundCloud Go?

You can access 135+ million SoundCloud Go tracks in their full form is available with a SoundCloud Go+ subscription. By subscribing to SoundCloud Go+ you’ll get access to all content on SoundCloud, along with offline listening, and ad-free streaming. 

While you can still listen to tens of millions of tracks you can’t find anywhere else for free on SoundCloud, we’re also adding millions of tracks from major labels and indies, including the latest hits. Some of that content will be accessible for free as full tracks, while some of it will be available in 30-second previews. You can identify a SoundCloud Go+ track by the GO+ marker on the top right of the track.

Please note: Whether a track is available in the Free experience or as a SoundCloud Go+ track is the choice of each rights holder.


How many devices can I use with my Go subscription?

You can have your SoundCloud Go subscription on up to 3 devices at a time (this limitation does not include desktop use of SoundCloud Go). If you want to sign in to a fourth device, we will ask you to confirm that you want to sign in to that one and you will be automatically signed out of the oldest session and any tracks or playlists saved for offline listening to that device will be removed. As you sign into a fourth device you will receive a notification alerting you of this change to your “older” device. Also, you can sign into a maximum of 10 devices within 30 days. Also, its only possible to listen to your Go/Go+ subscription with one device at the same time. If you try to use your subscription with multiple devices at the same time, you will receive a message "“Paused because you started playing on another device.”

Left: Notification on 4th device you are trying to sign into
Right: Notification on your oldest device


What does ad-free mean?

With a SoundCloud Go subscription there are no ad interruptions between you and your music. 

Promoted tracks will still appear, even with a SoundCloud Go subscription. Here is an example of what a promoted track will look like in your Stream:

Because you have the choice to play it or not, it’s our position that a promoted track doesn’t disrupt your listening experience and is therefore not an interruptive ad. 

An interruptive ad is any ad that disrupts your experience of SoundCloud--for example, an audio ad that disrupts your listening experience or a display ad that interrupts your visual experience of the SoundCloud app. SoundCloud Go removes these types of ads from your experience. 


Where is SoundCloud Go available?

SoundCloud Go is now available in:

  • Australia
  • the USA and its territories:
    • Puerto Rico
    • American Samoa
    • Guam
    • Northern Marianas
    • Virgin Islands 
  • United Kingdom and its territories:
    • Guernsey
    • Jersey
    • Isle of Man
  • Ireland
  • France and its territories:
    • Guadeloupe
    • Martinique
    • Reunion
  • New Zealand
  • Canada
  • Germany
  • Netherlands
  • Italy
  • Spain
  • Belgium
  • Switzerland
  • Portugal
  • Austria
  • Sweden
  • Denmark
  • Finland
  • Norway

To keep up to date on where SoundCloud Go is being released next, check out our blog for more updates.   


Are all the tracks available everywhere?

SoundCloud ensures that the rights holder has the ability to control how and in what countries they want their tracks to be available to listeners. 

If a SoundCloud user does not have the licensing rights to release a track everywhere, they may only make it available within the countries where they have the rights to do so. As a result, the track might not be available in certain regions. 

If a track is not available for offline listening in a playlist or your Library with your SoundCloud Go subscription, this is because the rightsholder of the track has chosen to disable the ability to listen to the track offline. 

Where can I find my "Troubleshooting ID" on my iOS device?

The 'Troubleshooting Identifier' is a unique number that can help SoundCloud's engineering teams investigate any device-related issues by checking for logs that your SoundCloud app may produce. 

 If we ask you for your 'Troubleshooting ID', here's how to find it:

  1. Open the SoundCloud app
  2. Navigate to your library, then the More menu. Tap on the 'Troubleshooting' button
  3. Tap and hold to copy the 'Troubleshooting Identifier'
 3modif.jpeg  3bismodif.jpeg


If you don't see the 'Troubleshooting' menu in your app, then follow the instructions below to add this:

  1. Open the 'Settings' app
  2. Find the 'SoundCloud' settings
  3. Scroll down to the 'Troubleshooting' section
  4. Switch on 'Enable troubleshooting menu' (You may have to manually restart the application for the changes to take effect).


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