Premier Eligibility FAQs

Can I monetize with SoundCloud Premier?

If you are eligible for SoundCloud Premier monetization, you’ll be notified and prompted to sign the Premier agreement. You can then start monetizing your tracks.

 Even if you don’t qualify, we’re expanding everyday. So keep it up – and visit our Creator Guide for tips and tools on how to grow your career.

To qualify:

  • You must be an independent creator, meaning you must own all the rights to your music and must be producing original content. You must own 100% of the rights (publishing, master, distribution). At this time we cannot accept mixes or podcast content
  • You must have zero copyright strikes at the time you enroll - you would have received an email from us if you have a copyright strike. Learn more about our copyright policies
  • You must be a SoundCloud Pro or Pro Unlimited subscriber
  • You must have at least 500 eligible streams in the past month
  • Monetizable streams come from at least one of these eligible countries: US, UK, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Ireland, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Spain, Switzerland, Portugal, Belgium, Italy, Austria, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and any other territories designated by SoundCloud as eligible
  • Humans are listening to your tracks (bot streams will not be counted)


I’m a DJ/Podcaster, can I participate?

SoundCloud Premier monetization is currently only available for original music made by yourself. Covers, remixes, mixes, DJ sets, audio recordings or podcasts are not monetizable at this time.


Why do I need a SoundCloud Pro Unlimited subscription in order to participate?

SoundCloud Premier monetization is a benefit we provide as part of our Pro Unlimited subscription at no extra cost. 

In addition, upgrading to a Pro Unlimited subscription gives you access to other valuable tools and features like unlimited upload time, advanced audience Insights and total control over your content.

With SoundCloud Pro Unlimited, you can see insights for all of your tracks that can help you grow your career with strategy: find out where your plays are based (top countries/cities), which users are listening and which websites/apps your plays are coming from.

Please note that if you choose to revert back to a Free account, your Premier monetization benefits will be terminated.


What if I upload something I don’t have the rights to and mark it for monetization, what will happen?

Monetization is only available for original content that you own all of the rights to. Using someone else’s work without permission is illegal and will result in a strike on your account and removal from the Premier Monetization program.

Copyright strikes expire within one year, so you should then be able to rejoin the program if you meet the criteria.


Why is my country not supported?

PayPal is our main means of payment for SoundCloud Premier Monetization. Unfortunately some countries are not supported by PayPal.
At this time, if you are from one of the countries on the list, we are unable to monetize your content directly through Premier Monetization so you will be unable to join the program.

The list of countries are as follows:




Bouvet Island

British Indian Ocean Territory

Central African Republic

Christmas Island

Equatorial Guinea   


Heard Island and Mcdonald Islands


Islamic Republic of


Democratic People’s Republic of Korea



Libyan Arab Jamahiriya




South Sudan

Syrian Arab Republic


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