How can I change payment details?

SoundCloud DJ subscription information is always available under It's only possible to change or cancel your subscription via a computer. This is not possible via mobile app.


Is my DJ Subscription renewing or expiring?

If you are unsure about whether your subscription is up for renewal or expiring next cycle, you can confirm this by "Expires" or "Renews" under the subscription name. The specific billing cycle dates will also be there.


SoundCloud DJ subscriptions auto-renew every 30 days, which you can opt-out at any time during the current billing cycle. Changing payment details can only be done before the next billing cycle renews which will be shown as "renews on ...."


How can I change my payment details

We accept either credit cards or PayPal for all subscriptions, but the process is different if you need to change the payment info, and can only be changed via computer.


  • Credit Card
    For active subscriptions, go to "subscriptions", then click on the 'Use a different card' option, where you can save the changes for your next billing cycle. For subscriptions that are already cancelled, simply wait for your subscription to expire and then make a new subscription using your preferred card.

  • PayPal
    Changing payment details with PayPal is considered a new subscription. Head over to "subscriptions" and cancel your current subscription. After this, wait for your subscription to expire and then go ahead and subscribe again with your preferred PayPal details, checkout link here.
  • Apple app store
    Please follow the Apple instructions via this link.





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