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How do I update my renewal details or cancel?

After purchasing a SoundCloud DJ subscription, users have the option to opt-out from further payments, downgrade to GO+ or cancel their subscription. 


For information about how to check if your subscription is up for renewal or cancellation or to change your payment details, please take a look at this article, link here.


How do I cancel my SoundCloud DJ subscription?

There are two ways users subscribe to SoundCloud subscriptions, therefore the cancellation procedures are a little different depending on where you purchased your subscription, in the Apple app store (iOS users) or Android and the SoundCloud website.


Apple subscriptions

All SoundCloud subscriptions purchased via the Apple app store need to be cancelled again via Apple. SoundCloud does not have the ability to cancel or refund Apple subscriptions on the users behalf. All cancel or refund requests will need to be directed to Apple.


To cancel with Apple, please follow the steps provided by Apple Support - deleting your SoundCloud account will not cancel your SoundCloud subscription with Apple. 


SoundCloud subscriptions paid via the Apple app store are more expensive than Android or SoundCloud direct due to Apple’s subscription fees.


Web and Android

Please note that you cannot cancel via the app, only using a computer.

1. Sign into your account on a computer and going to your Subscriptions page

2. Click on the icon next to your current subscription status (Edit) and follow the prompts to cancel your plan.

3. You will then be redirected to the page where you will be able to cancel.


How can I confirm my SoundCloud DJ subscription is cancelled?

Using a computer, log in to your account and visit soundcloud.com/you/subscriptions, and check if your plan status is "EXPIRES", this means you have cancelled your subscription successfully. You can also check your status via mobile.


Can I request a refund for my SoundCloud DJ subscription?

SoundCloud does not offer refunds for delivered SoundCloud DJ subscriptions, however you can opt-out from further payments during the current billing cycle.


You can visit your Subscriptions page and edit your plan, whether that is it upgrade, downgrade or cancel. If upgrading or downgrading, changes take effect immediately. 


When you cancel your SoundCloud DJ subscription, you can continue to enjoy access to all the SoundCloud DJ features, for the time period you have paid for. Once that payment period has stopped, you will be downgraded to the free SoundCloud experience. 


You can find more details on our SoundCloud refund policy in our Terms of Use.


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