Captions on track uploads FAQs

What is the difference between a caption and track description?

A caption is a short text that you can include with your track when you post it to your followers, and is a good way to bring attention to your track in their Stream. The caption is limited to 140 characters. Some ways you can use the caption include: to share a few words about your track, thank your collaborators or share your message with the world.

The Track description is limited to 4000 characters, and can be used to provide more details about the track to fans who are interested. It is accessible through the Track details page. Some ways you can use the Track description include: to share the lyrics to the song, to list out all the collaborators on the track or share a review of the track.


How can I add a caption to my track upload?

You can add a caption to your track during the upload process on your desktop computer. Remember that in order to upload tracks, you will need to verify your email address.


Who can see the caption on my uploaded track?

Your followers will be able to see the caption on your track in the Stream on the SoundCloud website. Captions are not shown with the track on your profile. You’ll be able to see your caption in the track edit form, and you can see how it looks to your followers by going to your own Stream.


How can I edit the caption on my track?

To edit the caption on your track, go to Edit track and scroll down to the caption field.


If I change the caption will my track be posted in the Stream again?

A track is posted to the Stream the moment it is saved as a public track. You can edit your caption after you have posted the track, but doing so will not post the track a second time.

You can only post tracks one time, and they will be shown in your followers’ Stream at that point in time, even if you change the caption.


Can I delete the caption on my uploaded track?

You can delete the caption on your track, even after you have posted the track. You can do so by going to Track edit, scrolling to the caption field and clearing the caption text.


Will someone see my track caption if I blocked them?

If you block a user, they are not able to follow you so they will not be able to see the captions on your tracks.


Is there a character limit on captions?

Captions are limited to a length of 140 characters, including spaces.


Can I report a caption?

You can report a caption by clicking on the More menu and clicking ‘Report’. Then, you will be able to select if you want to report the track or the caption.

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