SoundCloud DJ subscriptions FAQs

SoundCloud DJ is a subscription that allows you to DJ offline with selected DJ software. 


Currently, offline downloads for SoundCloud DJ subscriptions is only possible using Virtual DJ, and Rekordbox although we have more integrations coming soon.


After subscribing, please ensure your email address has been verified to start using SoundCloud DJ.


For more SoundCloud DJ product related questions, please see this article here. 


Can I upgrade from Go+ to SoundCloud DJ?

SoundCloud DJ subscriptions have all the features of a Go+ subscription plus the added benefit of unlimited offline downloads. This means you can upgrade to SoundCloud DJ if you already have Go+, or downgrade later on. To upgrade or downgrade, head over to "subscriptions" while using a computer and where you can easily switch between subscriptions. Changes will be reflected during the following billing cycle.


How can I start a SoundCloud DJ free trial?

Free trials are available for first time subscribers of SoundCloud DJ subscriptions. You can only use a free trial once, for either a Go+ or Soundcloud DJ subscription, and cannot be used for both subscriptions.


If you have subscribed to SoundCloud Go or DJ in the past, cancelled, and then want to purchase again - you will not receive a trial and will be charged immediately. 

¹Offer limited to one free trial per user. After the trial is over, the user will be charged monthly unless cancelled earlier. Trial may be cancelled any time within trial duration.


Why are my subscription payments failing?

There are many reasons that payments can fail. We would suggest checking with your bank or PayPal that they are not blocking the payments first.


Credit Cards

  • Your card details are no longer correct (new card or lost / stolen)
  • Insufficient funds
  • Your bank is rejecting the payment, please reach out to them
  • Your card expired or the expiration date is incorrect


  • Your billing agreement was cancelled at PayPal
  • PayPal did not approve the payment


  • Please follow the Apple instructions, link here.






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