Your Playback playlists

We prepared 5 playlists just for you that collects the tracks you listened to the most the last 5 years.


Where can I find my ‘Playback’ playlists?

You can access Your Playback playlists by following these links:

Your 2020 Playback playlist

Your 2019 Playback playlist

Your 2018 Playback playlist

Your 2017 Playback playlist

Your 2016 Playback playlist


What date range does the ‘Your Playback’ playlists cover?

January 1st to November 30th. Listening after November 30th won’t be taken into account.


What criteria do I need to have my "Your Playback" playlist?

You need to have had an account and listened to at least 10 different artists and 30 different tracks before November 30, 2020 for "Your 2020 Playback" and "Your 2019 Playback" playlists and before December 31 for all other years.


Are my own tracks included in my ‘Your Playback’ playlist? 

Your Playback playlists do not include tracks you have uploaded to SoundCloud.


Can I save my "Your Playback" playlist? 

Yes, you can! Just tap the heart and "Your Playback" playlist will be saved to your Library.

If you're a Go or Go+ user, you can listen to this playlist offline by following these steps.


Can I share "Your Playback" playlist?

Sharing is caring! Here’s how do it:
1. Tap the share icon and you can post Your Playback on
2. Tap the icon of the social media where you would like to share it
3. You can make adjustments to your story - such as adding text or a SoundCloud Giphy sticker - before posting
4. Once you are done editing your post, share it with all your fans, followers or friends


How are the tracks ordered in my ‘Your Playback’ playlist?

Tracks are ordered by play count: from most played to least played.


My ‘Your Playback’ playlist includes music I’m sure I didn’t listen to. Can you change it?

This can happen for these reasons:

  •  You share an account with someone else
  •  You often leave SoundCloud playing in the background -- it can be easy to miss what’s playing


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